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What You’ll Learn Inside The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing…

The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing has been called “the world’s leading guide to building money-making YouTube ad campaigns” by many of the world’s top entrepreneurs. It teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating winning YouTube ads, managing your campaigns with Google Ads, and building a profitable YouTube sales website to send your advertising to.
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn in the book…
  • The ten DEADLY mistakes you must avoid if you want to make money with YouTube marketing (Chapter 1.) I’ve spent eleven years and hundreds of millions of dollars on my YouTube ad campaigns. And I’ve learned which mistakes can DESTROY your campaigns from the school of hard knocks.

    That’s why in the first chapter of my book, I show you the common mistakes you’ll need to avoid with your campaigns. Just avoiding ONE of the mistakes in this chapter could save you thousands!

  • The System I Use To Create Brilliant, Money-Making Ideas For My YouTube Ad Campaigns (Chapter 2.) I’ve built million dollar ad campaigns for nine different brands -- but it’s not because I’m an inspired genius. I’ve just developed a system for creating money-making ideas that consistently produces winners.
  • I call my system The Six Factor Profitability Analysis. Up until recently, this was a highly guarded secret that only my executives knew. But I give it to you in Chapter 2 of my book. And I show you real world examples of how I used the system to create many different profitable ad campaigns.
  • The Secret To Using YouTube Advertising To Build A Highly Subscribed, Highly Engaged Channel (Chapter 3.) When you have content your viewers love on your channel, it’ll make your ads much more effective. But it can be tough to create great content for busy entrepreneurs like us, when we’ve got a million other things to do!

    That’s why in Chapter 3, I show you the simple trick I use to determine exactly what content your viewers will go wild for. And I show you how to make videos that they’ll love -- quickly, simply, and cheaply.

  • The Universal “Master Formula” For Creating Winning YouTube Ad Scripts (Chapter 4.) It might shock you to hear this, but many of YouTube’s most profitable ads were created using a single, simple ad writing formula. Top marketers refer to this as the “Master Formula,” because it’s a simple recipe for creating money-making ads.

    You’ll learn the full Master Formula in Chapter 4. Just plug your content into the formula, and you’ll instantly have a killer ad. This makes creating winning ads EASY, even if you’ve never made a YouTube ad before.

  • How To Film & Edit Amazing Looking Videos -- Even If You Know NOTHING About Videography (Chapter 5). I know nearly nothing about filming or editing, yet I’m able to create beautiful, professional looking ads by using this method.

    What’s the secret? I spent thousands of dollars hiring top experts in equipment and editing software, and I simply followed their recommendations. I share these trade secrets with you in the book, so you can make great videos quickly, easily, and cheaply.

  • How To Create A Simple, Money-Making Website To Send Your YouTube Advertising To (Chapter 6.) I’ve performed hundreds of marketing “split-tests” on YouTube advertising, and I’ve invested millions into learning what works. And I’ve learned the type of website that converts YouTube visitors into buyers is MUCH DIFFERENT than what works on other platforms!

    That’s why in Chapter 6, I give you simple, effective tips to create a website that converts skeptics into loyal customers. And I’ll show you the simple software I used to build these websites quickly, despite having minimal technical skills.

  • A Simple Method For Making Big Profits With Remarketing Campaigns (Chapter 7.) If you’re not familiar with remarketing, it’s an advertising technique that’s been called the “holy grail” of marketing by many business owners. Basically, remarketing is showing your ads to people that have already been to your website, bought one of your products, or subscribed to your email list.

    I’ll show you how to set up all three types of remarketing in this chapter. And I’ll also give you my ADVANCED remarketing techniques that I use to make far bigger remarketing profits than most advertisers.

  • How To Target Your Ads To The Right People With Laser-Like Precision (Chapter 8.) When you show you ads to the right people, it’ll be easy to make a profit. But if you show you ads to the wrong person, making money with your ads will be frustrating and difficult.

    That’s why in Chapter 8 I give you my patented targeting strategy called The Targeting Ladder. The Ladder shows you exactly what targeting you should use to find the right customers, and how to scale up your campaign using these options. It simplifies the plethora of complex targeting options in Google Ads, and makes it easy to consistently target people who want to buy from you.

  • How To Exploit A Little-Known Ad Format Most Advertisers Don’t Use To Make Big Profits (Chapter 9.) I’m talking about Video Discovery ads that you see in your Related Videos, and YouTube search results. Most advertisers lose money on these ads because they don’t know how to use them. But other advertisers -- including myself -- have cracked the code to making big profits from Video Discovery Ads.

    In Chapter 9, I give you seven proven formulas for writing killer Video Discovery ad headlines. I show you how to create the perfect thumbnail image for your ads, even if you have no graphic design skill whatsoever. And I show you how to run money-making Video Discovery campaigns that also generate huge amounts of subscribers for your channel.

  • The Revolutionary Bidding Trick That I Use To Maximize My YouTube Ad Profits (Chapter 10.) Most advertisers aren’t making as much as they could from YouTube ads, because they’re bidding in totally the wrong way! That’s why in this chapter, I show you why the conventional way that most advertisers place their bids (how much they’ll pay for their ad to show up) is totally wrong. Then, I show you the simple adjustment to make to crank up your profits.

    If you’re serious about YouTube advertising, you NEED to learn this.

  • The “Three Level” Split Testing System I Use To Quickly Make My Campaigns More Profitable (Chapter 10.) Testing different ads against each other, and seeing which one is more profitable, can be an incredibly powerful way to improve your campaigns. But the problem is that most advertisers are doing split-testing totally wrong!

    This means that rather than making their campaigns better over time...they’re actually making the WORSE.

    That’s why I give you the simple split testing system I use in my own business -- the Three Level Split Testing System -- in this chapter. You can use this system to massively increase the profitability of your campaigns every week. And the best part is, this system is quick, simple, and easy to implement.

  • My Nine Advanced Ad Writing Formulas That You Can Use To Create Mega-Hit Ads (Chapter 11.) I’ve tested thousands of YouTube ads, and I’ve found nine formulas for creating ads that are consistent winners for me. Once you’re armed with these formulas, creating blockbuster YouTube ads will be simple and easy.
  • My Thirteen “Ninja-Level” Campaign Management Strategies You Can Use To Make Big Profits (Chapter 12.) I give away the farm in this chapter, and let you in on my most closely guarded YouTube advertising secrets. And once you’re armed with these strategies, you’ll easily be able to run circles around your competition.
  • How To DOUBLE Your Profits From Remarketing With My Unique “Sequential Remarketing” Techniques (Chapter 12.) Once you’ve mastered the basics of remarketing, this technique will take your profits to the next level. Anyone seeing your ads will be blown away -- and most people will have no idea how you’re doing it?

    The secret behind this technique’s success is combining Ad Sequence campaigns -- a little known YouTube ads feature -- with remarketing campaigns in a very specific way. If you’re doing any remarketing right now, this technique will KILL it for you!

  • My Ten Best Technique To Increase Sales Conversion From YouTube Ads On Your Website (Chapter 13.) I’ve sent millions of visitors to my websites from YouTube ads. And from that experience, I’ve learned there are a handful of simple techniques you can use to convert more of your website visitors into buyers.

    Some of these techniques are so simple, they can be implemented in minutes. And many readers have reported big increases in their website’s conversion rate after just trying out a few of these techniques.

    Imagine if you could make double the sales from your advertising, without spending a single additional dollar on ads. How would that change your business...and your life? It would change everything -- which is why you NEED to read this chapter.

  • How To Build A Brand And A Channel Your Customers Love With My Revolutionary “Modern Branding” Technique (Chapter 14.) In my book, you’ll learn how to make big profits from your ads directly. But that’s not all you’ll learn! You’ll also learn how to make ads your customers love, and which build a valuable brand. And you’ll learn how to use your ads to generate incredible engagement on your channel, while making big direct profits at the same time.
  • How To Convert Your YouTube Advertising Campaigns To Passive Income By Partnering With The Right People (Chapter 15.) If you want to make more money while working less, you are going to LOVE this chapter.

    I’ll show you exactly how to convert your YouTube campaigns to passive income, so you make money each and every month -- whether you work on your campaigns or not. The secret is learning how to find the right partners to manage your YouTube ad campaigns for you -- and learning how to incentivize them with a share of the profits they make for you.

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