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  • The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing is the world’s leading guide to learning how to make profitable YouTube ads that make your customers love you. In the book, Dan walks you through the exact method that he used to generate over $214 million from YouTube campaigns. He breaks the process of learning YouTube marketing down into a series of simple steps so it’s easy for anyone to learn.
  • Dan doesn’t just teach you how to make killer YouTube ads in his book. He also shows you advanced strategies for managing your campaigns in Google Ads, so you make more profit with less work. He also shows you how to create a high-converting YouTube funnel, how to build your brand and channel engagement on YouTube, how to hire people to help you with your campaigns...and more.
  • The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing sells for $49.99 on Amazon. But for a limited time, you can get a copy for free - just cover the shipping cost.

Meet Dan Rose, Our Founder & CEO

Dan Rose founded (formerly known as Six Pack Shortcuts) in 2010. Using YouTube advertising he grew the company into the #2 ranked brand channel on YouTube, and an Inc 5000 company.

Dan’s ads for drove over $214 million in revenue, while also building a community of over 5.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Dan sold his ownership in and retired at the age of 33.

Dan came out of retirement to create Social Response Marketing, the first YouTube advertising agency designed to help clients generate a direct response profit while also building their community and brand. He now works behind the scenes as a consultant and advisor to some of the top brands on YouTube.

Hear From Dan’s Clients

  • I definitely recommend Dan. He knows his stuff when it comes to YouTube, and business in general.

  • Dan opened the door for me and showed me the path to gold with YouTube Marketing…that’s something no one has been able to do, and I’ve hired a lot of consultants.

  • If you have the opportunity to work with Daniel, I absolutely would take him up on whatever he’s offering.

Work With Us To Grow Your YouTube Marketing

YouTube Strategic Coaching Program

Have Dan personally craft a six month strategic plan to grow your YouTube campaigns, and work with him directly to implement the plan.

If you qualify for Strategic Coaching, Dan will review your YouTube funnel, YouTube ads, and campaigns in detail. He’ll then create a simple step-by-step plan that you can follow to improve your creative, your targeting, and your profits.

He’ll then work with you in a series of monthly calls over the next six months to implement your plan, and to answer any questions that you have.

Apply For Ad Management

Have us build your YouTube campaigns for you! If your business qualifies, we’ll write your YouTube ad scripts, manage the production process, and manage your YouTube campaigns through Google Ads.

To qualify, your business must be spending over $100,000 per month on online advertising right now, and it must meet certain other criteria.

Get A Free Copy Of Dan’s Book

The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing

Learn more about the Social Response method of YouTube marketing, and see for yourself how effective our 15 step process is. Get a free copy of The 15 Steps To Profitable YouTube Marketing now!


Why Work With Us?

  • We are a 100% virtual company. Work from home in comfort, and eliminate the need to commute!
  • We are the world’s leading YouTube marketing agency. You’ll learn and grow tremendously working with us.
  • We offer competitive salary compensation along with profit sharing and equity incentive plans for some positions
  • Because we are a small, fast-growing company we can offer you unlimited room for growth, and real input into important company decisions.
  • Our team is world-wide, and we do not require you to relocate to a new city to work with us.

We Are Currently Hiring For

Video Editor


We’re seeking a video editor to shoot and edit YouTube commercials for our clients, and for our company’s own videos. You will work from home in this position on most days, outside of your initial training an an in-person weekly meeting.


At Social Response Marketing, we help our clients to become successful with YouTube marketing. Through our books, video courses, and other training products we teach entrepreneurs how to build a great YouTube content, create great YouTube ads, and how to manage their YouTube campaigns.

We also act as an advertising agency, where we create video ads and manage campaigns for select clients. We’re a small, fast-growing and modern company that highly values every member of our team.

We are currently seeking a Lead Video Editor to film and edit YouTube content videos and YouTube commercials for us.


We are a 100% virtual company. We’ll meet in person to handle filming and for your initial training period. After this, we’ll meet in person once per week. You’ll be comfortably working from home most days, without the need to commute or go into an office.

You’ll be able to choose your own camera, lighting, sound setup, editing computer, and software you’ll be working with. You won’t have to work with whatever we’ve got, you can design a new setup from scratch that’s ideal for you.

Because we’re a small company you’ll have more creative control and input into the videos you make than in a larger company. Your feedback will be valued, and you’ll regularly meet with our founder & CEO directly.

We offer competitive salary compensation along with profit sharing and equity incentive plans for some positions.

Because we are a small, fast-growing company we can offer you unlimited room for growth, and real input into important company decisions.

You will have unlimited access to use our filming equipment for any personal projects when we’re not utilizing them.


Purchase new cameras, lighting setup, sound equipment, and other filming items of your choice that are the best for you within our budget.

Schedule and conduct YouTube video shoots

Audition talent for YouTube commercials for clients. Schedule auditions, create audition videos for clients, and make your recommendations for which talent you prefer.

Edit videos using your own computer and software setup

Revise draft videos according to notes and feedback from our CEO and marketing team

Participate in client video calls where creative is discussed to hear their input directly


At least one year of video editing experience

A strong portfolio of videos that you’ve edited in the past

Experience creating advertisements or marketing material in the past is a major plus

Experience editing YouTube videos in the past is a major plus


Send us your resume, a brief cover letter explaining why you believe you’re the best candidate for the position, and your video editing portfolio.

Click Here To Send Your Resume And Portfolio

In addition to this, send links to the three videos you’ve edited in the past that you think will be the most relevant to this position. If you’ve worked on YouTube ads, Facebook ads, YouTube content videos, or other types of ads in the past highlight those videos here. These videos will be one of the most important factors in our decision, so please make sure to highlight your best and most relevant work.

Chief Advertising Officer

The Chief Advertising Officer will have primary responsibility for managing client advertising campaigns. You’ll begin by working directly with our CEO to learn how existing client campaigns are managed. After training, you’ll independently manage marketing campaigns for clients.

As the CAO, you will not be responsible for writing ad scripts or producing video ads. You’ll have world-class creative provided for you by our team, and you’ll have primary responsibility for using this creative to build profitable client campaigns in Google

What We Can Offer You

  • Competitive salary (DOE)
  • Work from home in a comfortable environment, and eliminate your commute
  • You’ll receive a significant share of the profits from the campaigns you manage
  • Our marketing system will regularly produce new, high quality clients that provide you with more opportunities to grow your campaigns.

What Your Day Is Like:

  • Participate in client meetings to understand the client’s goals, KPIs, and previous marketing campaigns.
  • Create initial campaigns for new clients in Google Ads, including choosing optimization types, targeting for campaigns, geographic targeting, device targeting, choosing initial creative, etc.
  • Perform regular maintenance tasks on campaigns, including setting budgets, setting bids, testing new creative, etc.
  • Check client campaigns daily, and make adjustments when needed to improve ROI or to take advantage of opportunities to scale.
  • Measure and report campaign results to the client and to our CEO

Best Candidates Will Have:

  • Minimum 5 years experience managing campaigns through Google Ads is required
  • A minimum of $500,000 in ad spend managed over the lifetime of your career is required
  • Experience managing YouTube ad campaigns is a major plus. First preference will be given to candidates with successful experience managing YouTube advertising at scale.
  • A performance oriented mentality, and the desire to be able to increase your own compensation through better ad campaign performance.

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